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Zell Dincht
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25th-Aug-2021 08:24 pm - {OOC} HMD
You know the drill! Comments are screened, anon is allowed.


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25th-Aug-2020 08:25 pm - {OOC} Permission; FAQ
Back threading? Totally cool with this.
Thread hopping? As long as you ask before you jump in, I can't think of reason why I would say no.
Hugging/kissing/touching/romance? LOL go for it. He's likely to sputter.
Pushing/Hitting/Spitting? Well if your character wants the snot beaten out of him or her, I'm easy.
Anything NOT allowed? Not really, I'm petty cool with anything as long as it's discussed beforehand.


There are no questions up at this point, but if you have any, please leave them here and I will answer them when I can. Comments are screened.
--Oh snaps, I got this puppy ta work! Okay--!

[Zell takes a moment to clear his throat and calm the adrenaline rushing through his veins.]

Uhh, so this is uhh SeeD operative Zell Dincht reporting from... Hyne only knows. Uhh, anyone affiliated with SeeD and/or the Garden, please respond. I am in some serious need here...

[Trailing off, he glances around the area, brows knit firmly together in total confusion as he begins yammering to himself.]

Did I sign up for some... experimental training or... something--I mean, they hand me so many frickin' papers, half the time I don't even read what the hell they're about--Holy crap, this thing's still on!

[The transmission ends here.]
3rd-Oct-2010 08:47 pm - {OOC} CR Chart
Coming soon
25th-Aug-2010 08:27 pm - {OOC} Tracking for Time and Tides
oohh yeah!
March 17th 1804
  • Blue skies watching it all - Zell wakes up and finds himself mysteriously swept away to Luca where he encounters his first moogle.
  • Something witty here - With a map in hand, the golden boy checks out the sights of Luca before sending out a transmission.
  • Video Transmission - Zell asks for anyone affiliated with Garden or SeeD to acknowledge his transmission.
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